Ali is 13 years old and he arrived in Khalakan, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, at the beginning of 2015, after his family escaped the fighting between ISIS and the Iraqi army in Salahaddin province, Iraq. He now finds himself forced by circumstances to work as a butcher together with his young friend Emad, earning as little as 2.5USD per day and having to take care of his entire family, since he's the only one that works.

Produced for Map of Displacement and published on TIME and Internazionale.

Since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 an estimated 9 million people have fled the country. 250,000 of them have sought refuge in Iraq, now a war-torn country itself. 90% of these live in refugee camps located in the autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Eva, a Syrian refugee, opened a beauty parlor in the refugee camp of Bariqa, near Sulaymaniyah.

Published on Internazionale.